The Importance of Choosing a Professional Translator

If you’re looking for a professional translator to translate or correct your documents, you already understand, in some respects, the importance of a good translation. You know that having your translation done by a real professional—a qualified and experienced specialist with a degree in translation—is a crucial decision.

The widespread (and erroneous) conception that translation is just “putting words from one language into another” makes it harder for those outside of the business to see the reality of the situation. Translation is extremely challenging. It takes many years of study and a very specific skill-set to become a qualified translator. Translating is also a complex and time-consuming process that requires long hours of painstaking work. Lower-cost translation services will not cost less in the long term: poor-quality translations can do harm to your company’s image or reputation.

You shouldn’t be satisfied with a translation that’s just “good enough”. Reap the benefits of our experience and choose only the highest quality translations for your documents. Have a look at our page on Translation to learn all about the translation services we offer.

Translation is a cost that should be systematically taken into account. C. Eddy Traductions charges prices that correspond to industry standards for translations performed by a specialized translator with a graduate degree in translation. In French, the English loan word “cheap” carries the connotation of “inexpensive and of poor quality”, and there is a reason that this word association exists. In translation, getting a lower price tag often means hiring unqualified, inadequately trained, or non-native translators—or well-meaning professionals who are forced to rush because they need to ensure high volumes to make up for low wages—which inevitably leads to lower quality, in spite of our best intentions.

For financial reasons, it can be tempting to have your documents translated by a coworker or student with some foreign language knowledge, but only a certified professional can ensure that the final result will have the style and tone required for the English-speaking world. Being able to speak two languages—even if a person considers himself or herself to be a fluent or bilingual speaker—doesn’t make someone a translator!

Placing your trust in us for your French-English translations is an important decision, and we hope you will make the right choice. Ask for a quote today!