C. Eddy Traductions. A world of possibilities.

C. Eddy Traductions

Legal, Corporate, and Academic Translation in Lille

There’s no secret to what makes us tick: exceeding expectations and offering truly superior services.

Who is behind C. Eddy Traductions?

C. Eddy Traductions is a solo translation firm operated by yours truly, Charles Eddy, professional translator and the face behind the business.

A university-trained legal and corporate translator, I offer top-notch language and comparative law expertise to lawyers, businesses, accountants, public entities, and academics throughout France. My services include translation, proofreading, and copywriting. I am proud to offer services that easily exceed the standards of some of the world’s most well-known translation agencies and language service providers.

With an M.A. in specialized translation from the University of Lille’s renowned MéLexTra program, my commitment to providing world-class language services is present in everything I do.

I am the author of a number of published translations, a collection of articles regularly published on my website, and an English-language novel.

A legal translation expert

I have proven expertise in legal translation. The superior quality of my services has allowed me to work for prestigious Paris law firms and for some of the most brilliant lawyers and legal professionals in France.

I constantly monitor the latest legal developments in my fields to keep abreast of the changing currents of the law.

For me, what matters most is providing polished, impeccable results that are both legally and linguistically sound, time after time.

My customers can rest assured that they will consistently be delivered expert knowledge, professionalism, and quality.

Solid translation experience

With eight years of experience and an annual translation output of up to 300,000 words (over 1,000 pages), I have developed a proven track record in the world of professional translation and language services, earning me the trust of an ever-growing client base.

In addition, my membership in the SFT (Société française des traducteurs) provides strong guarantees in terms of quality, reliability, and compliance with ethical standards, through my commitment to consistently abide by the SFT’s strict Code of Ethics.

1. General Principles
a. Honor and Integrity
Translators must perform their work with honor and integrity, the foundation of their customers’ trust. Translators must refuse to accept tasks requiring them to compromise their dignity or the dignity of their profession.
b. Accuracy
Translators must comply with industry standards and accurately convey the message of the documents they are hired to translate.
c. Confidentiality
Translators are bound by a strict duty of confidentiality, except (1) to defend themselves, (2) if disclosure or reevaluation is provided for or authorized by law, or (3) with the express consent of the customer.

And the team?

Remember the “we” from a bit earlier? Well, that “we” is also an international network of skilled and talented translators partnered with C. Eddy Traductions available at a moment’s notice to contribute their expertise and professionalism to your projects.

Like myself, each has a master’s degree and years of accumulated translation experience. Most are also SFT members or have similar credentials (ATA, ITI, etc.).

Whenever you need a document translated in a language or subject area that isn't my own, I can quickly find a solution and get your project off the ground, sparing you the time-consuming process of finding and selecting language service providers yourself.

I will be happy to send you the resumé of the translator working on your project, and you can directly enter into contact with them to discuss any questions.

Every translator working with C. Eddy Traductions is bound by the same obligations in terms of ethical conduct, professionalism, and confidentiality.

The bottom line

My goal: consistently delivering one-of-a-kind expert translation and language services that you won’t find anywhere else.

To achieve this, I and my network continually strive to offer you the world-class expertise that you deserve, ensuring you get flawless results every time you come to us.

Because for us, nothing matters more than quality.