French-English Language, Content, and Translation Services

C. Eddy Traductions offers exceptional language and content services for companies, law firms, public entities, and academics. From translation, to proofreading, to copywriting and everything in between, language and content are crucial, and we know how to leverage them to help you to reach new customers and retain your current ones. Let us help you reach your goals.

Specialized in what makes law firms and companies tick, our legal and corporate translation and content services are sure to be a perfect fit for your organization.

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Need services in a language other than French or English, or outside of our specialty areas?

We also handle projects in other languages and specialties by working with a network of trained, certified language professionals available at a moment's notice. This means we can offer all-inclusive, hands-off solutions for projects in nearly any language or field.

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Hiring a real, certified language professional is essential to ensuring that you get only the best quality language services, each and every time.

Work With Us: A Whole World of Advantages

Why should you prefer us to another language service provider?

  • A direct link with the person translating your document. No intermediaries. No fuss. Just one person to deal with: the person actually performing the work.
  • Competitive pricing. It's no secret: companies large and small can significantly cut their language and content budgets by turning to specialized solo firms rather than large intermediaries. Lower overhead means that we can beat most large translation and content agencies’ prices by 30% or more – lowering your costs and increasing your bottom line without sacrificing quality.
  • Confidentiality and data protection. We implement high data security standards to ensure that your confidential data stays between us.
  • We use modern technology to leverage our strengths. What does this mean for you? Greater speed and consistency, with 100% human translations (no AI or machine translation, guaranteed).
  • The right translator for the job. A jack of all trades is a master of none. We refuse to accept projects that aren't within our skill set, because nothing is more important than quality. If we don’t have the skills you need, we won’t think twice about referring you to a colleague with the required expertise.
  • We believe in helping the local economy. We buy local and and work closely with local businesses who do so as well. Based in the North of France, we want to help the North continue to prosper for many years to come!
  • We want to protect the environment for generations to come. We run an almost 100% paperless office, and odds are, you’ll never receive even a scrap of paper from us. When we do have to use paper, we try to make sure that we do so in the most environmentlaly friendly way possible. Everything from our coffee machine to the computer equipment and the power company we use is designed to minimize our environmental footprint.

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