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We price projects in different ways to suit your needs: per word, per page, per hour, per project.

Let’s talk about your project and find the right solution for you.


We generally charge a flat fee for translation projects.

Each document is different in terms of style, technicity, deadline, proofreading requirements, etc.

We closely evaluate your documents and your needs so that we can quote you a package price that takes all of this into account.

A flat fee means that you keep control over your project budget, and your invoice will look just like your initial price quote.

Proofreading, correction, and revision

Depending on your needs, we offer two solutions: hourly pricing and flat fees.

The first model, hourly pricing, means that you get the best quality no matter what—for when quality is more important than anything else. Free from concerns about staying under budget, we go over your documents with a fine-tooth comb so that you’re sure that they are 100% error free, each and every time.

The second model, a flat fee, allows you to keep tabs on your project budget. A set number of hours is predetermined with the customer and will not be exceeded for the project.


We generally charge by the hour for copywriting services.

In some cases, we can also charge a flat project fee.

For both the customer and the copywriter, we find it best to avoid “unit prices” (per word, per page, etc.).


To simplify things, we analyze your document and quote you a flat rate per minute of audio. Nothing could be more straightforward.

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